February 24, 2015

10blocks quilt

over the past couple days i have been sewing. lots of little scraps got made into 10 blocks and all the different white i could find around the house was added to it. lots of fun and yes it is exciting to make something of only what one can find in the house. i didn't buy any of the fabrics within the past year, those bits and pieces were all from this or that project. scraps, leftovers, handed to me by friends or cloths cut apart. there will be memories in this quilt and that is good so.

i'm not sure yet if i'm not going to add a few more pinkish stripes and bits, as it turns out, this will be a piece for thea. she needs a twin size cover as her big-lap size quilt is just not big enough anymore.
lets take it step by step, that's one thing i really like when quilting free of patterns. there is no wrong way to do it. creativity is the tape measure and everything is allowed, adding, cutting apart, putting it together in a different way maybe looks even better.

it's my play ground for this week!

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