February 3, 2015

the pink :: cinnamon rolls

we have a little flower shop in the neighborhood and the girls of the family love to stroll over there on friday afternoons. so we got a fresh anemone to put on our kitchen table. it's white and a bit bleak outdoors, so we have to have a bit color looking at us and cheering us on.
the kids are on winter brake and we enjoy this. it's white outside and still not too cold to go for a stroll or a bit of sledding. though this first week, the girls are taking swimming lessons and they love it. i'm not a big pool girl, but feel like if they go i will go with them and swim each morning for 30 minutes. it's not too hard and after the first few laps, i'm just swimming...

amos for his part is baking and cooking quiet a bit. it happened, that he wanted to try something new and there are still memories of cinnamon rolls, which we all liked back in boston. there is really nothing so sweet and rich to be bought in switzerland. never mind, amos set his mind on the "quick and dirty chocolate espresso cinnamon rolls". he did tweak the recipe in a way, that the kids will all like them and left the espresso out.
yummy and yes i'm proud of my big baker!

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