February 5, 2015

fighting the foodwaste

i found a new source for vegetables and fruit. and it's mostly organic, the restessbar...
it's a fridge in the city, where local grocery stores are donating "old" vegetables and fruit as well as bread. i didn't know until just recently that this group exists. and all the produce is free of charge. of course it's not the super nice and beautiful looking produce anymore, that the average person expects to buy in the local grocery store. its ripe and ready to be devoured produce. the quality is still good and with this "redistribution" we can fight the food waste in our western/northern society!

the fruit and vegetables are collected by volunteers. they ride with the bike and trailer in to the different destinations in the city and bring everything to the "restessbar" fridge.
and since i requested the numbers for the padlock, i can go and see what's there. yes not just see but also take what ever i need from what's there.

today there was broccoli, coli flower, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, cucumbers, persimmons, bananas, and eggplants. well you one can easily imagine, we had a vegetable casserole for dinner and some roasted eggplant for lunch tomorrow, yum!