February 4, 2015

project :: longborad

here we are, the project has gotten off ground very well. elias and his colleague have been planning and researching. of course lots of little you tube movies had to be seen....
and then last week they ordered the wood at the lumber yard and also bought the glue. joel had time on saturday to help them, to make a form and get the gluing going. it was lots of fun to watch them, of course, even the sight, when they came home with the bike and trailer bringing the wood and glue home, was cool, as their eyes were expressing lots of excitement.
when all was clamped and it looked good, i raised the question of the temperature....
well non of the guys were thinking of this one. but luckily we were just in the ok range of +8 celsius which was fine. they decided to give the drying process just a lot more time, over night and an additional 1/2 day.
i will follow the process for the coming weeks and certainly show you at some point a few more pics.

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