February 25, 2015

the portugese wool

a while back, it's more like a long while back, i ordered wool in portugal. very special wool, as it is from the mirandesa sheep and i bought it from retrosaria. i just could not decide what i wanted to knit with it, and found the perfect project this week! a heart warmer, yes that's exactly what i'm knitting now.
it is a wonderful wool and despite the little specs of straw intertwined, or maybe even because of them, it's exactly what i want to hold in my hands. warm to hold onto in february. it's not really very cold anymore here in switzerland, the afternoons get warmer and a hat is not necessarily needed anymore...
you must be smiling, if you are one of my friends from boston! as it has been super cold over there. we have been following the weather very closely and cheered with every blizzard and snow storm warning. o how we would have loved to be there and enjoy that bounty of white goodness. of course it's not just all goodness anymore i can understand.

though that bike tunnel is just fabulous!

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Alicia said...

Beautiful wool, we hope to see more of it and the heart warmer! And yes, we are smiling and wish we could play in this snow with you all. It is starting to get discouraging, they many problems the snow has caused, but we try to notice its beauty too.