February 17, 2015

my favorits

a few more pics of last week...
just some snap shots which i really like. the top one is taken by joel. we hiked up to tschentenalp and enjoyed a perfect view, with a most interesting sky! it was breath taking and let me inhale each and every bit of sun there is. be still and just be
with the second pic, there was a bit of wrestling with the lady on it... of course as teenagers don't like to have their pictures taken. although this way, she agreed to it. and you know what, i really like it. her green helmet is so perfectly placed, thank you R.
and so the last one, it was my vacation knitting, a cowl with noro yarn and just so beautiful to work with. it will become a birthday present and i feel like wanting to keep it for myself. well, those are the best presents, at least that's what i'm telling myself!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

The photo of the sky is absolutely brilliant!! I pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards. : ) Have a beautiful day!! xo

~ Wendy