February 19, 2015

in the sun shine

it's still winter, though spring is already pressing hard. the sun is warm this afternoon and the chicken feel it too. they escaped through and over the fence... as the sun is warmer on that other side of the fence. i don't mind too much, they seem to know where they go. and yes i do understand each living being yearning for warmth and any bright warming ray of our sun!
so i also was sitting in front of the house, on our little bench and was taking all the brightness in. as we never really know if winter isn't coming back.

i do have to say, i'm a bit jealous of my boston friends, as they have had such wonderful big amounts of snow! our family has wonderful memories of a snow covered boston. side walks being  used to pull the sled and do cross country skiing. well i know it's not just fun and all nice and white, there are definitely big challenges going along with all the beauty.

never mind, spring will be here shortly. and i'm glad
the tomato seeds, which i collected last fall, i will be putting into soil this week. i'm eager for an early start this year, as tomatoes are really not put in early enough to flourish fully under my care. not so this year, that's at least the plan.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I love the photo of your chickens. My neighbor has seven chickens and she just gave us the most beautiful eggs. Brown and beige and blue. Other then the days getting longer, spring is not showing any signs here in New York as of yet. I'll be looking for them, though. : ) xo

~ Wendy