March 22, 2016

in the thick of it

as palm sunday is past, we are in the middle of holy week and there is so much going on. too many thoughts squealing in my brain and occupying space and time of mine. the kids needing help with this test preparation, that instrument practice, "mama can you help me prepare lunch", and so much more. it has taken a bit of a toll on me and i decided to just take those 45 minutes each day to go to church and sit still, listen, sing and focus on the word. of course it is not convenient, it's not really feasible in our daily routine. but i decided, that i make time for it. to practice this time of refocusing and put my love for God first, all else will happen later in the evening, or must happen before 6:45pm.

an other helpful way to squeeze in a minute or so, is my holy week knitting, as i call it. it will become wrist warmers for me. a simple pattern and a little project, it will be done before i know it, that seems fine right now.

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