March 9, 2016

already springtime

it was snow yesterday and it is flowers and sunshine today! who would have dreamed of this quick switch, it would be april weather, but it isn't yet, it is still march, the beginning of march.
a leisure round around the garden has been my pleasure this afternoon. it was sunny, warm rays but the winters breeze is still sharp and very present. it is wonderful to discover the little flowers, the little drops of color on the bare wooden twigs and branches on some of the bushes. the hazel is in full "bloom" and a friend of mine is already suffering from allergies.

the tomato seeds are the next task, they are going in the soil soon. there has to be a run for sowing soil, i have two kinds of tomato seeds and also different flowers. the task is set for saturday and hopefully thea can be convinced to plant some seeds too. there is so much to observe, so much in making ones hands "dirty" and mixing the sowing soil with water is lots of fun!

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