March 2, 2016

quince gelée

finally i got to cook the 3 liters of quince juice, which my parents prepared for me. last october i got a big crate of quince fruits, what to do with all those wonderful yellow fruits? my parents offered to clean, cut and juice them. lots and  lots of work, braking a cutting blade of their kitchen aid (which i replaced). and at the end of the juicing process there were 12 liters of quince juicing. lots of friends got quince juice from my parents, which was great, all love it, i got 3 liters and put them in the freezer, as i had no time on hand to cook gelée. so at the beginning of the week i got the containers out of the freezer and was so very happy to see the moment coming, when i'm happy to cook.

today was the afternoon and it ended up a quick project, while i prepared dinner i was cooking the gelée. we got a wonderful store of the quince gelée, which most of my household loves. now we can put as much as everyone wants on their breakfast bread, snack or dessert slice of bread as well as dinner!

cooking in winter is just so good, it keeps me warm while stirring in the simmering pan. the scent was fun, so much quince, lemon and sugar, all so happy and full of glee.

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