March 14, 2016

pink on the table

we have a little display on our kitchen table at almost all times. we like to decorate and have fresh flowers. this week thea got the bouquet, explicitly for joel and me, how sweet!
she went to the little flower shop around the corner from our house. maya has become a good friend of ours and thea loves to visit her art studio / flower shop. she picked those wonderful dark purple, soft lofty pink, and white shades of color.

the hyacinth was chosen because of it's sweet strong scent. thea knows what we like and she was bringing them home with such a happy big smile on her face.

and then there are the three felt rabbits, which i made two years ago. since then, they come out for display every spring season.
not just out of doors the spring flowers are peaking up, but our spirits are being lifted by the day, the sowing soil is waiting to be potted and tomato seeds put into it...

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