March 23, 2016

moments of just being

i got myself a bit of spring into the living room. and yes, i do stop and watch the branch and it's budding work every now and then.
things are a bit crazy in my life, not bad or out of order, i just realized the past few days, that i need a bit more breathing room and still. it will be still here until after easter, take a deep breath and come back on tuesday with new energy and ideas. maybe even stories, as we go away for a couple days with family. i'm really looking forward to a new surrounding and familiar people. i'm looking forward to good friday and it's calm and quiet (hopefully) and then easter morning, with it's joys and hopes coming alive.

ut until then, there is time and space and moments of collecting my own being.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I've been feeling a bit like you lately. Lots of things going on that were not expected. Trying to focus on dealing with life on life's terms. Not always easy to do. Going away and changing your surroundings for a few days sounds like a perfect way to regroup. Happy Easter to you and your family. xx

~ Wendy