March 10, 2016

in the kitchen

as it happen this tuesday, we got lots of food, all kinds of veggies and fruit, bread and cake, fruit juice and what ever else the grocery store could not sell. it is almost for free and we help to not waste food with accepting those random groceries. overall i enjoy those deliveries every other tuesday, some big some smaller. and it is lots of work to put the produce on the table or in the freezer and this as fast as possible.

yesterday there was asparagus and sauce hollandaise for lunch (i know, i would never buy white asparagus in march, never ever! but that's what the store sells and has had lots of left over not selling). so there we go, i really have to jump over my own conscience, and remind myself, that i had not bought it, not supported the out of season, imported from the south veggies! it is better to eat then for that produce to land in the dumpster and be made into veggie diesel, for sure.

today was green thai curry, with three kinds of eggplants and chicken, green beans and hot peppers. a favorite dish for many of our dinner guests.

an other meal this in the past days, was a carrot-safran risotto as well as a rich mushroom risotto, both were liked and topped with fresh parmesan parsley a wonderful comfort food.

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