March 30, 2016

family :: easter weekend

my parents invited the family to spend the long easter weekend in the mountains, specifically at hotel fontana near chur. we were all looking forward to spend time together and even better at a wonderful place, with an excellent chef.
the weather was on our side, even though the forecast was telling us, that it would be rainy, far be it. hiking and lounging in the sun was so rejuvenating and really doing me good.

the hotel was more than i hoped for, we enjoyed so much space, not just the bedrooms, but the kitchen and living room, the play ground and places to retrieve and be still.

as it was over easter, we took the time and gathered for a solemn good friday meditation. the kids reading the seven last words of jesus and each was able to extinguish one of the candles. those moments, being together before God have been wonderful. a blessing to me, beyond imagination.

and of course, crafting and having fun. for the occasion it had to be eggs and most of us enjoyed the process, the others didn't have to and played a new card game "love letter", joel found that game and as it is so easy to learn, perfect for all ages to play.... (it was played, almost without end)

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