March 3, 2016

swirls for friends

as yesterday, the kitchen is in the cooler time of year one of my favorite spaces to spend time, it's scents and smells, it's warmth and the people coming home for a days work or school. yesterday was special, as wednesdays are. usually i'm gone all morning, to my weekly meeting with the immigrant ladies, as we do for the past 5 years, for our weekly german-converstation-group. it is such a wonderful group, woman from all around the world, sitting together, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and have meaningful discussions.

i still had to return an empty cooky box to my friends house, but usually i don't bring a food container back empty. there is so much joy in the process of coming up with an idea to fill that container with something yummy. and so i did, cinnamon swirls, very easy, super tasty and as the boys had band practice at our friends house, it all worked out and i'm certain either the band kids devoured them all or my friend was happy to have a dessert left for herself...

and now back to knitting, the portland pullover seems to come along nice, i love the wonderful baby alpaca wool, so soft, perfect for hours on end!

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