March 8, 2016

snow in the city

i had a trip into the city, scheduled for this morning. it was quicker then i thought, within 15 minutes i have a new passport issued, and all that 15 minutes earlier then scheduled. once more i was surprised by the efficiency of that office in switzerland. it absolutely beats my idea and experience of public service, even in my home country of switzerland.

as i was out of the office quicker as thought, i was happy to spend some time walking the city streets. it was so pretty. the streets were not all cleared of the snow and slough, that was my gain.
i love the roof of the landesmuseum with the white dusting.
i was tempted to walk further and catch a later train, though decided to go home and instead use the time for a run in the woods. it turned out to be wonderful and just what i needed, solitude and getting my heart pounding. i seem to like running more as the time goes by, especially this winter has been easy on me. almost no snow, no cold days at all and just few rainy mornings.

it's march and a bit of snow on the ground, it will melt quickly, too quickly, as we really didn't have any real winter.

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