March 15, 2016

carrots and spring rains

 it's raining and it is cold. the good thing about being cold is, that i can use the window sill as a fridge. cooling down the veggie soup for tomorrow and keeping the grated carrots fresh for dinner tonight. lots of those orange roots are lately being processed in our kitchen. last week it was a big pot of soup, once a creme soup with a bit of honey in it and milk, the second time coconut milk and curry, both liked and eaten with much happiness. the vegetable soup for tomorrow has the "left over" from the lowest drawer in my fridge, lots of cabbage, carrot, leeks, celery and an old limp lettuce.... all this sauteed in olive oil, some herbs, curry, ground cumin and sea salt, as well as a pinch of white ground pepper.

the spring flowers are coming out and the rain is doing them good.

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