March 31, 2016

spring is springing

spring is in the air, not just out of doors, but on our dinner table too! a quick run this afternoon, i had to bend down a few times, could not resist the urge to bring some spring home into the house. well, those are the magic moments, the moments, when nature is once more waking up and calling each of us to wake up and live fully too!

 and so it happened, yesterday....
i wanted to plant my tomato seeds three weeks ago. i just didn't make it. it was too much, to even think about it. though after such a rejuvenating weekend and nothing on for later in the day, i quickly grabbed the bag with the seed soil and my little envelops with the cherry tomato seeds. three kinds, it will be fun to see them grow and harvest, a white and a black cherry and a so called "ample" cherry.
no i should not forget to water them and watch closely how my tomatoes develop. i got the seed directly from the "stadt tomaten" a group supporting the effort of bringing pro specia rara plants back into the every day life again. a very cool thing to do.

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