March 7, 2016

monday morning

monday morning
it's all bliss, the boy has no school today and an easy week anyway. it's good for a change and especially, if the sun is already shining her warm beams into our kitchen. a big bowl granola and the news paper are absolutely satisfying to him.

my monday routine consists of 3-4 loads of laundry, shopping, a run to the post office, cooking lunch and preparing something for dinner. spending time with thea (home work, english workbook, violin and reading). monday afternoon have become an easy but some what scheduled routine. she is in charge of choosing when what is done.

days like today, when the sun is out and the air is already a bit warmer, it pulls us out of doors and it will not be long, before we spend the afternoons again in the garden. o i'm very much looking forward to it. no run today, but tomorrow afternoon i'm planning a long one, and hope for weather as today -perfect-

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