March 17, 2016

in full swing

this week has turned into a busy one...
it wasn't planned this way, it was really supposed to be more quiet and restful, though some times, those weeks of "not going on too much" turn out to have their very own dynamic. this is definitely the case with my week now. it has become something like a self runner.
there was the dental hygienist working in my mouth this afternoon, after a busy morning visiting the girls at their school and later today an other appointment for one of the kids as well as dinner guests. yesterday was not any better, 10 ladies over for breakfast, it was wonderful and fun, a planning meeting in the afternoon and joel gone all evening. tomorrow is at least the morning wide open, good for a run and then violin lesson with thea, helping with a cloth drive and in the evening, i have the pleasure to enjoy one of joel's sessions as well as a great concert at the "celtic spring caravan" in town.

yup, lots going on, and the garden is in full spring garb, though i was surprised to see the rosemarine in full bloom!

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