September 11, 2015

adding to the sage and more

a little addition to yesterdays sage bouquet, i was at the little florist shop across the street and got a bunch small roses to add to the sage. lovely isn't it, this totally counts as an anniversary bouquet doesn't it! i know, i got it for myself, very likely no one in the house even notices it. doesn't matter, i enjoy the sight every time i walk into the kitchen and also up stairs in our bedroom. yes, i made two vases full of sage twigs and added roses to both vases. it's a bit of a splurge, but i figured our anniversary is totally worth a splurge...

and then this morning, i went to see how our apple trees were doing. they are fine, not a lot of fruit, it was just to dry this summer. fine with me, it will be about 2 hours work of shaking and picking them up, bringing them to the press and that's it. the result, i guess just 60-80 liters or sweet cider.
and then i discovered this wonderful little birds nest. for a moment, no rather two or three moments, i just stood there and looked at it, admiring the wonderful work this bird has done. so pretty so sturdy and well placed on this little branch. my imagination was going wild, with the idea of a couple little birdies peeping for food and the mama bird feeding them. well it's so perfect, they are now all grown and have flown away, on their own and happily so.
that is rhythm, the rhythm of time, and i am thankful to have seen this nest. thankful for the reminder, that the nest was needed to raise those little birds, and now it's empty, and that is ok, it's even good, very good this way.

just a few hundred meters away from our trees, there was this corn field. it has been a few years, since i have looked at such a field more closely. of course i grew up with corn fields, picking the corn and feeding the harvest to the cows and pigs on the farm.
it was a lovely reminder to think back and be reminded, of the harvest nature has in store. be reminded that every plant has it's own patterns and structures to it. i love the stalks, the roots and just about every detail has it's intrinsic pattern.
i feel like i have to start working with those patterns, drawing, stitching, sewing, painting and cutting, well maybe i will take the time and dwell on those ideas a bit more.... we will see.

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