September 8, 2015

my pumpkin

we have had a compost since we live in winterthur and it works fine. it just never occurred to me, that i would be able to plant pumpkin, cucumber or zucchini on the one pile which is resting and rotting. so the past spring, i decided to give it a try. although it is very shady and the slugs love that one specific corner, two pumpkin plants survived and there are two mid size pumpkins getting more and more orange. i'm very happy and love those orange balls in the back of our house.
after the first frost, we will be harvesting them, it will not be tomorrow or even in a week, the nights are not very cool yet. even though autumn is definitely arriving and the kids are already wearing light gloves to ride their bikes to school in the morning. of course the ride home from school is hot and the wind breakers are packed up in the backpack or on the rack.

we still eat outside but have to wear a fleece or some other kind of warmer sweater, except elias, he seems to stay warm a bit more then the rest of us...

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