September 22, 2015

things round

today, it occurred to me is a funny round day. all started with thea putting up some playmobil figures on the breakfast table, i was looking at it again and again, very cute and inspiring.

for a week now, the very round and symetrical pumpkin sits on the display in the kitchen. just orange and round and telling me all about how plentiful autumn is, with all the fruit and veggies to take in and put away, be it as jam or puree, pickled or frozen.

and this was dinner. we had falafel, pita and all other kinds of turkish lebanese/mediteranean foods. very delicious, p was even making hummus. i love eating in community, eating with my friends and house mates, having our family together. those moments of love being showered on me on us feeds me as much as the food does.

dessert was not missing either, a big round italian plum tart, rich and sweet. no there is no recipe being followed, just the way i felt and know that my people love to eat!

ii'm sure, if i would ponder and think more, there would be more things round to turn up. but i'm tired at a days end. not every moment was the way i planned and imagined, there were moments of testing my patients. moments of just sitting with a child and listen, pray silently, hug, and send her off again. even a shouting match was held in our kitchen within these past few hours...
and at the end of this day, as i do at the end of every day, i give back this day to the Lord. thankful for it's joys and thankful to dump the heavy burdens.

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