September 3, 2015

flowers and coffee

i have been working on those flowers all summer long... it's a bit tedious as just about every week i have to cut off the wilted flowers, in order to have the plant produce more flowers and not invest into pod development. on the other hand it does slow me down and that's a good thing, be and have my hands moving, focusing on the work, but the thoughts wander. work out of doors and still around the house, so the kids can reach me. some times i even had the phone along on the balcony, as it takes usually just a bit short of an hour for the four boxes.
the bloom is wonderful right now, maybe at its best. there have been a couple weeks of neglect and that showed up in consecutive weeks of little bloom. once i fed them with some organic fertilizer and they loved it, as it seems now. we are heading toward the end of those flower boxes for this season, maybe one more month, less cutting on my part, less watering too. the year takes it's stride. it seems as we are now quickly moving into autumn, quicker as i would like.
i love this summer, hot and sunny, lots of iced coffees, lots fresh smoothies and many hours spent lingering, as it was just to hot to do anything as to slow down and take it easy.

it was a good summer and fall is stepping onto the doormat right now...


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