September 16, 2015

the garanoir harvest

waiting for just the right time...
and of course, it has been as every year before, the garanoir grapes ripened this year too. and they look great, perfect for picking today. not that we have a vineyard or winery, but my parents help with their local garanoir vineyard, at hosenruck,  and as my parents are traveling right now, they asked me and my brother to help with the harvest.
i was very much looking forward to it and as the weather was looking good and we got the word that picking would be today, i happily went. it was a perfect day for the harvest and with a big group of helpers, the grapes were picked quickly. followed by a vine tasting of last years 2014 and the 2013 vine, we finished up the afternoon. all of it was wonderful, even the view was breath taking and a little sheep herd was taking an afternoon nap near by.

i know, my parents were looking forward all summer long, to be part of this harvesting. so i feel a bit sorry for them not having been here. and i will be very happily telling them all about our harvest day.

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