September 28, 2015

big scarf II

this one is not a yak merino, but a baby alpaka from lanartus, a wonderful soft bulky wool in 70% fine merino and 30% baby-alpaka. i even take it double and knit it with a #15 (US 19) loop needle. it's fun, naomi's loop is done and this one will be amos.
naomis is a long loop, she can wear it double around the neck. amos' will be wide (22 stitches) and just once around the neck, but sewn together with a twist. i'm so happy knitting those shawls for my kids. elias also "ordered" one, we will stop by the wool store midweek. a fun project and quick and lots of stop and go and so relaxing to sit in the garden this afternoon, for almost an hour, listening to gordon's sermon of last sunday.
i'm very happy, to be able to listen to those sermons, we have been away from boston for just about 6 years, but still it is very meaningful and a kind of feeling at home, when listening to gordon. ist very edifying to me. and having my hands occupied keeps me focused.

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