September 21, 2015

the granite bolder place

we enjoyed a wonderful sunny late summer sunday. wow, the sky was blue and together with our extended family, we went geo caching. we have not been on a hunt for a long while, but joel's brother is going frequently and has asked us on sunday morning, if we would join them.
after a quick lunch, consisting of emptying the fridge and adding some couscous into the mix, some of us hopped onto the bikes and rode to wila, and the others took the train. it was perfect bike weather and i absolutely enjoyed the ride, so did joel pulling thea on the trail a bike.

in wila, we really just followed p's lead to find the caches which he has already once attempted to find and did not... which led us to some kind of granite block holding area near saaland. it was great, just pure exciting, even more then finding the cache. we did look for it, we found it and then back up onto the big block. doing parcour, hiding, and all kinds of games were invented.

a wonderful afternoon, some more caches, some more hide and seek in the woods and lots of laughter. thank you my family for the hours were able to spend with you.

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