September 17, 2015

the 10 block quilt

it has been in the making for a while now. not really knowing what i was going to do with those scrap blocks, it was lot's of fun to sew them together, one after an other, not exactly the same sizes, no clear color scheme or anything. using up scrap is very rewarding and i used a lot with those 10 blocks, of course there are more and the pile is already growing again. more fancy funny blocks? i don't know.

after the top as well as the back were done and the batting ordered (i found a new place to order from... it's a wonderful lady, living in geneva, so postage is not exorbitant and the price for the batting is a good one for european standards). i used a wool batting, as it will be thea's winter blanket.
sandwiching was fun and for the first ever, i used an adhesive spray, which worked out ok. the next time, i will add a bit more spray, as i tended to use it very frugally.
and then the sewing could start, even for that one i got a new gadget, machingers cloves to be able to get a good grip on the sandwiched quilt.
for the reason of having to get that quilt on theas bed i was sewing lines, nothing fancy or tricky at all. as i do not own a long-arm machine, it worked out fine. i was not very keen on getting the lines all straight, but rather liked the organic flow of the lines. some horizontal and then again vertical, and around the blocks i felt like there was a bit of a framing needed. sewing all those "circles" was fun and i got the hang of sewing circles, and i'm sure i will sew more circles.

sewing the binding on was easy and i realized, that i like hand sewing a lot.
the quilt is very girlish with those blocks featuring the girls and i like how their hair is blowing in a summers wind. it's on thea's bed, she has not seen it after i added her name to it. i'm pleased and so happy, that i was able to incorporate her old linens (the fabric with the many hearts). those linens were a present of her godmother.
sewing for my kids is most likely one of the best loved things to do, i discovered a few years back (or may it be knitting too).

and now, there is an other quilt, the granny-square one waiting to be quilted.

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