September 25, 2015

autumn in the air

a beautiful morning, and i had planned to go and visit my friend in the neighboring little town. we planned to to just hang out and talk and enjoy a good cup of tea. we did all that, but the talking was mostly done by walking. both of us didn't want to stay indoors with such weather. what a wonderful morning.
when i usually run a few mornings a week, i never take the camera along, but while walking, this was possible. though the far away mountains (eiger, mönch and jungfrau) you can't see on the photo, but believe me, it was perfect!

and then there is the beauty in a harvested corn field, such perfect rows of stubbles. something also not possibly transferable is autumns scent. the moist soil, warm sunshine and wilting leafs on the ground. the bittersweet is already in bloom so this is added into the air. i have so many memories, autumn has been the main harvesting season, growing up on a farm with apple orchards. and farming was not quiet as mechanized as today. we still picked all the apples and pears up from the ground by hand. pulled the big fodder beets (mangel beet) by hand, cut the greens and cleaned the beet with a dull knife. the beets were put in smaller piles and each evening the tractor pulled a low bed trailer and everyone helped to throw those cleaned beets up on it, to carry it home into the barn.
it was a lot of work. not my favorite one, but the good part was, that our cousins and friends came by to help with the work. especially the loading was almost a festival, it was mostly done at dusk and pranks were played...
well, good memories and a childhood well enjoyed. thank you ma and pa for giving me the opportunity to help and work and all that came with it.

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