September 7, 2015

fireworks :: yesterday night

we usually don't do fire works at any given day or better evening. though this has been in the planning for just about a month. no, we didn't celebrate the end of summer, though the temperature drop within the last few days would have called for it. a friend of ours is usually celebrating her birthday with fire works. we were not around for that birthday celebration, so she postponed it four just about 4 weeks. all of us like fire works, especially those very involved and i guess you could call them social fire works. the big volcanoes are an ah! and oh! kind of spectacle and the magic matches are just everyones favorite. writing and lighting and squealing and plain watching is exciting. taking photos is a bit of a challenge, but then rewarding, seeing what has been coming out.

we spent the evening together with the people of our community, usually we do so every month once and enjoy the company of each other. eat a wonderful meal, talk and laugh. yesterday night joel confronted us with the very touching subject to think and ponder about "גֵּר" (gur, which translates into alien, foreigner, stranger, sojourner).
we read some passages from the bible hear angela merkel's speech of last week, it blew me away, this is absolutely great, it blew me away, so to the point and yes she brings it to the point. sorry for my not german speaking/reading friends, you missed this...

as i want to do, to help, to make, for the moment i can pray and i do it and bring it to the Lord, every day, every moment i'm thinking of the people feeling, running from the war, they do so, because there is really nothing else left to do, all is lost. and me, being surrounded with all the comfort of peace and what ever i can think of wanting is one or the other way to have, i can even decide not to want it....

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