September 4, 2015

scrubbing :: pondering :: enjoying

it has been on the list for over a week, cleaning the pool. it's kind of a bigger project and needs all the strength of one day, of mine...
the water was on it's way out by noon and as this year there algae was bad, as it was a hot summer and we stopped early with adding the chemicals. it was a wonderful puddle all summer, used by many kids as well as grown ups. this pool in our garden is great, even though it's quiet a bit of work. i'm wrestling about putting it up every year in june. so far, the past four years it has been great and it will be wonderful again next summer.
there is a bit of magic in all the scrubbing and and pondering over the past summer time. letting it all pas review and be thankful for the great times we had in our garden. the wonderful company jumping into the water with all of us and sitting in the shade, sipping iced tea while the kids could just not get enough of all the swimming and splashing.

it was a good summer, thank you God.

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