September 9, 2015

roasted beets

fresh red beets have been in the veggie box every week. the kids have to be talked into eating beets by now. there will be many more days when we will be eating beets. fine with me, i tried something different, cutting the beets into thin slivers, a bit of olive oil and sea salt, into the hot oven for roasting. i absolutely loved them, some other people at our kitchen table also, the kids were not quiet there yet, they didn't touch the red wheels
the alternative, and that's when all had to try. a quiche with roasted eggplant and beets, topped with a cheese sauce (there was a bit of blue cheese in the sauce). some liked it, others didn't, it all worked out. everyone got at least a bite of my creation and the ones who loved it two slices...

for all the not so savory types eating at my table, we also had italian plum pie, wonderful and sweet, in season and loved by all!

i'm still on the look out for more beet recipes, do you have one you really like and want to share? please do so.

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