September 14, 2015

laundry and coffee

it's laundry and coffee time...
still warm and sunny, windy and the laundry dries quickly in the early afternoon hours. and then it's also not hot anymore, as that would call for an iced coffee. but it's espresso and sugar cookie season. as in spring, we are now at the end of summer, rather already into autumn season. the wind is picking up and the the clouds are moving quick across the sky. catching the sunny early afternoon for drying is getting essential.

and i do love to sit, watch the laundry dry and sip on my espresso, read or knit, stitch or talk with some one. lovely time, when the work is half way done and resting is what one needs to do. slowing down, after a speedy morning, after sending the kids back to school after lunch.
we are back to a routine, it feels like a good routine, steady and grounded. even so, that i can be flexible and creative, fit something unplanned into my day or even better go for a quick surprise outing with the girls. i have to say, though, we had our up and downs until we are now on this new routine. especially nice is, but also challenging, the fact, that elias is home for all the lunches and dinners. after three years of very intense ballet practice. i do embrace it, to have a bigger lunch table again and the girls like it too, to have him around for a quick 40 minutes.
new school year, new routine, new fitting it all in and slowing down again, arriving and enjoying.

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