December 16, 2008

advents lantern

i'm a bit late with this post but still felt like i wanted to share it with you.
this year our advents "calendar" had a bit a different twist to it. we were working in three groups to create four lanterns. each is about 35 inches long and lit by an LED strand going down the middle.
the theme we worked with was very much focused on different bible passages about advent.

what is advent,
objectivly: israel's longing for a messiah.
subjectivly: a longing for a new breaking in of god's spirit upon us.
we looked at isaiah 6 and a some word's of robert webber; "o dgo, turn me away from my indifference, create in me a heart of repentance, and leas me to the waters of spiritual refreshment."
some more passages were psalm 113:3, 93:3

1st sunday of advent

2nd sunday of advent

3rd sunday of advent

there will be a fourth lantern coming this sunday. we are all looking forward in expectation what the group of mostly kids came up with.
thank you a and j for leading us as a community through this project. as in years before, it is very exciting to see the light brighten up and bring hope to our dark december nights.

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