December 25, 2008


we started out on the 24th with rice porridge for breakfast at out neighbors house, the marzipan pig was the prize! naomi got it, she found the almond in her bowl...

we all enjoyed the breakfast table, thank you a & a for inviting us, this has become a wonderful tradition.

i was able to finish up the candied citrus fruit, they are wonderful.

after the church service we enjoyed some celebrating at our house. elias was helping our hymn singalong with his violin. the nativity looked so real with the animals and the kings riding on their camel...

the big gift!
amos got a drum set, wow thank you b for helping us and being so generous with amos! yes it is truly a great gift, amos gets to play on his drum teachers first drums! from now on, he is banging away on top of me... literally, that's the case, as the set is set up in the boys room above the kitchen!!!

merry christmas to all visiting my daily meanderings, the peace of the lord our saviour be with you.

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