December 22, 2008

quilting once more

front of thea's quilt, i'm excited about the soft colours and like the yellowish lines breaking up the stripes. i will a photo of the whole quilt when i'm done.

i was procrastinating.... yes it does happen with me too.
mainly, because i have never done this kind of sewing before. i had to hold my breath and just start the sewing, press that pedal and move the frame around to make an "organic" look. the initial start was stop and go, but i got the idea and soon enjoyed it a lot. it's so free from and imaginative, i really like it a lot. i even decided to not do the whole quilting last night, in order to have a treat tonight!

comfort food on cold snowy evenings....
yes cabbage rolls with goat cheese topped is one of those dishes. we are all thinking of our dear friends o & r who lived with us for over a year. they both were great cooks. and because they came from estern europ their cooking was a bit different and we all enjoyed that. the cabbage rolls i'm making are a bit different, but the basic idea and main ingredients stayed the same.
we miss you, sitting around the table and enjoy a good meal and fun conversations! and of course the sound of all the kids wanting to be heard across the big table!

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