December 27, 2008

to paint is to live!

this is definitely naomi's way of expressing and creating!
naomi was very involved with this one, and determined to put the paint on the canvas paper exactly the way she wanted. i love to watch her working.
all her brains are put to work and activated. it's fun to see her so concentrated, holding the palette in one hand and the brush in the other. knowing exactly which colours she wants to have on her palette. i'm glad to see her enjoying what she does and being happy when she looks at the result. and i'm glad we have the golden fluid acrylic paint in our craftsupply closet, their pigments are strong and it looks good the way naomi uses them.
this painting is going to her friend next door, the one who is so fond of naomi to hang her paintings up in the lab she is working. this makes naomi proud, as she is very well aware, that other people are looking at her artwork in that place..... (yes being recognized is important for our little artist...)

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