December 26, 2008

panettone and things

the day started with a family brunch, the kids really like this. amos made a pear-sauce for the occasion and was very proud of himself. we all liked it, who would not like sweet cooked pears over their granola...

followed by some beet cooking....
the whole family loves pickled beets, it's a great winter salad item. just get it out of the fridge onto the table at any dinner.
(cooked beets, cut in slices, sprinkle some salt and peppercorn over it, add sliced onion rings and apple-cider vinegar. close the bowl air tight and put in the fridge, ready to eat over the next two months.)

yes i was baking panettone today! it was fun and i used my very own candied citrus fruit!
i'm happy with the way it turned out, not too sweet and moister than the store bought panettone. we where invited for dinner at our friends, so the dessert was coming along. everyone loved it, i was glad. sometimes i start feeling insecure with those first tries to bring along, but with this one, i felt ok.
it was rewarding to have managed to bake this and i can say one more first for this christmas season.
some more letters were written and put in the mail today as well. i didn't intend to get this done today, but thea was sleeping a few hours in the afternoon, naomi crafted something with tissue paper and the boys played the new board game with joel...

and of course the cuddling was done too today. joel has a few days off and ejoys holding thea.
again and again we marvel at our little girl. what tiny feet she has and so perfect!
thank you Lord.

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