December 30, 2008

the time of inbetween

i'm sewing away on thea's quilt... tomorrow i will be able to post photos of the finished piece. i'm so happy the way it turns out and the framing is going smooth.

the big brother, very proud to be able to carry his little sister around the house. i'm glad for him, he is great with baby thea, she get's lovingly held and cuddled by him. it is great to see that and to experience the siblinglove right in front of my eyes.
beside not working on official subjects the kids get lot's of sleepovers going and pretzelbaking at a friends house. i'm still keeping the cooking going, we have haus dinner tonight, one more cabbage roll dinner,this time with rice (last time it was lentils) rolled up with veggies and ground beef. i'm already looking forward to the delightful dinner tonight.

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tenthousandplaces said...

Yay, cabbage rolls, my favorite! I can't wait.