December 24, 2008

things are happening

after we enjoyed the butternutsquash soup with buttermilk bisquetts, we did have to get to that egg nog with rum! thank you j for bringing it over, and sharing time with us.

amos and naomi wanted to paint those little wooden stars in the afternoon... so they did. i didn't know what we will do with them at the time. but meanwhile i discovered those nice pealed sticks, which elias collected over the course of last year, and in my ribbon box there was some "gold"-wire to be found. the next step was easy, stars belong in the sky, the don't move, but they do move, a mobile! as a gift for our neighbor a, altough i had a hard time letting it go, it's really beautiful! thank you kids.

these are the fruit after i pealed them, to use the rind to be candied. a sudden burst of wanting to try something new, i could not reject the vision of a little dessert candie after a nice meal over the coming days.

and here they are, after 3 times cooking in plain water, i cooked them in sugarwater for about 30 minutes or so, until the peals were all translucent. now they have dried for a night and the final step ist to roll them in sugar or i'm still debating if i should dip them in chocolate.... we will see, it will happen today or tomorrow.

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