December 5, 2008


elias and his friend e were working really hard to not get bored....
i guess that's where the name is being derived. or then it must have been one of joel's great ideas, as so often elias clame's to be bored....
what ever it was, it's an awesome lego creation and it has been helping elias to fight boredome, yes indeed it still does. just yesterday it crashed into something or another and elias had to get to work again. there are many details to it, even a big box of coffe with six coffee mugs are included in storrage, i guess that's to keep the crew awake all night. oh and three wine goblets, who would have thought that fighter pilots are enjoying a nice wine on their brakes. to go with a chicken leg? yes, there are many more details to this creation, believe me, and it's fun to have elias talk about it.
one more little tid pit, he was dreaming of it and yelled loudly as he realized, that he couldn't find the "fighter" as he himself was the lego pilot supposed to get the fighter launched! yes a boys dream, indeed!

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