December 19, 2008

our fridge...

living in community has it's interesting sides...
four parties sharing one fridge is at times a bit of a challenge, but it is great so see it work!
for the second day in a row, we recognized a bad bad stench floating through the kitchen, when ever we opened the fridge door. it was really bad and i knew i used up the gorgonzola yesterday night for a pasta sauce. the sauce was great, i personally like the gorgonzola a lot, it's strong and distinct smell of cheese doing what cheese is supposed to do, stink!
but the air in the fridge was not getting any better. so together, m and i felt like we had to do something. the something ended up, the two of us cleaning out the whole fridge!
it is clean now, but the sad part, the smell has not gone really... i don't know what else we should do. we cleaned out the freezer on top of it too, as the two compartments exchange the air.
we will smell what will happen over the next few days.
all over it's a great feeling, having a super clean fridge, we will get rid of the smell sooner or later.

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