December 18, 2008

december atc

this month's atc for the cmp was focused on the word "promise", immediately i was thinking of the star of bethlehem. very quickly had ideas and found the stuff which got me going. i was surprised to find myself finishing this months atc already midway through the month.
i got some linen covered cards, they have been use by the kids, not fully covered, just blobs of acrylic paint. i liked the texture, still visible, even after i used some dark acryl to paint over. my intention was to have a dark imaginary sky with the one big star blinking through. i knew that there had to be faces looking up onto the star, i found them in an old brochure. old brochures and magazines have the right to sit around in my house in one corner of the kitchen....
i was glad to find the staring people and knew they had to go on my atc's. so here they are.

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