December 4, 2008

the inn

as we did in past years, we do this year too....
we are reading a story all through advent. it's a good moment of the day, usually with candles lit and some advents or christmas carols being sung. this years story is about an inn and it's keepers. but even more about the animals who also live in the stable behind the inn. so far we have met the rooster and the scrubby dog, who is not loved by the inn keepers wife, but does a good job keeping roman soldiers out of doors....
as you can see in the photo, we are recreating the scene of the story in our living room, this is a lot of fun and helps us with perspective in regards to the bigger picture of the happenings.
the story is called: "was ist los in betlehem?" (what's happening in betlehem?), by rudolf horn and kerstin wichmann. (photo by elias)

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