December 11, 2008


yes so here we are, yesterday we made the "lebkuchen" - dough (it was more a gingerbread dough, as i was not getting ready on tuesday to make the real lebkuchenteig, with natron bicarbonate. that one would have to rest over night) and cookies, baked and ate some...

as promised to the kids, we decorated them today, just some very easy icing (powdered sugar and lemon juice, and of course some food colouring). when i discovered, that there was still some red chrystal sugar an chocolate covered sunflower seeds, i had to get it out and the kids were even more excited.
we all had a lot of fun, and i was able to get to stressed about the mess in the kitchen. of course it just so happened, that naomi accidentaly pushed the chrystal sugar from the counter, elias was outraged about it, but both of them together were able to clean up after a few seconds of hubbub. i was just sitting there with the babe nursing... yes it will happen more often as i expected, that the kids have to work it out themselfes as i'm occupied with our little thea clare. i guess that's good for all of us, especially for me, just to lean back and relax, when chaos is erupting around me!

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