December 10, 2008

natures sway

the god fathers present to thea, a little rabbit which is tied to the hammock... its a music "box", which we all adore and humm along with the melody. this set up works great, we love to have thea with us in the kitchen at any given time. it's very convenient, we do schoolwork and anything else, cooking, eating, crafting, sewing, talking for hours and of course drinkig (not just tea).

the darling daughter is likeing the sway of the hammock. it is perfect in every way. the only thing i bought for thea, a good investment. natures sway came with an eyehoock which we put into a beam in the sealing. we did not get the stand, as i really like to have it hanging, in order to have it free from the floor.
today thea was sleeping for 4 hours in one stretch, basically all afternoon. what a wonderfull life, sleeping and nursing. the rest of us were working on gingerbread...
more of that project tomorrow.

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