December 31, 2008

thea's quilt

it's done, i'm so very happy the way it turned out. the quilting was lot's of fun, with the free floating stitching a bit of a challenge but also very forgiving. it's a bit of memory in that quilt too. there is some fabric from a shirt of mine which i was wearing during my cabinet making years way back in my youth.... and the main fabric for the back is from my mothers aunt's linens.

i think it turned out just right with the small binding, there is no attention being drawn to it, but still it finishes off the work.

the diagonals in the front are doing a nice work in braking up the stripes of the front rows. i'm glad i chose to add a little small second to the wider diagonals as well. i started out with fabric stripes, not knowing what it will end up, it's the adrenalin part of starting a quilt...

as i said, this is the old part of the quilt, linens which are at least 80 years old. i really like to pass this on to my daughter. quilts have to have history as well as stories in them.

there we go thea clare, enjoy the moments on to floor, gazing up into to world!

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