December 12, 2008

things to do

i came up with the following list of things to do until years end....
we will see how many of those i will be able to get done, but it's good to have a list. and i do enjoy putting dates behind the items done!

1. baking and decorating gingerbread cookies with the kids - 12/11
2. picking out photos for naomi's photo book, and put them in the book
3. putting naomi's doll bed together - 12/23
4. sewing a quilt for the doll bed - 12/17
5. buying the angel tree gifts - 12/12
6. getting a fishing rod for amos
7. taking every day in advent the time to light a candle and read the story with the kids - did it
8. sewing the felt christmas trees and putting them up - 12/14
9. baking cookies
- orangen schnittli - 12/12
- chraebeli - 12/9 and i also managed to get the honigherzli done today
- pfeffernuesse - 12/17
- burbon balls - 12/22
- i managed to add one more..., candied citrus fruit - 12/23
10. going to allandale farm for the evergreen garland and put it around the fireplace - 12/19
11. sit down, now and then, with joel and a mug of spiced cider - yes it is happening
12. finishing thea's quilt
13. start knitting a pair of socks for naomi
14. get some egg nog for a good moment with friends - 12/27
15. knitting mittens for the boys
16. drinking a cup of tea every day from the "tee advent kalender" -i was catching up and finished the tea 12/25
17. sending my sisters christmas present off - 12/14
18. giving elias the attention he needs in all his urban nutcracker doings - it's done 12/21
19. baking panettone for christmas day - missed that one, but was able to bake it on 12/26
20. enjoying and cuddle my baby thea clare, as well as my three older kids - still doing it, though it's good to have it written down as a pointer...

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