December 20, 2008

yesterday night

after the long expected snow storm and the already friday afternoon announced snow emergency over boston for friday. the storm finaly moved in mid afternoon. it was great, just a wonderful experience to have snow falling and falling and slowely covering up the whole city. the plows were not coming through too quickly, it was gorgeous and very quiet for a friday night in the city.

indoors it was warm cozy and i was occupied with the production of "anis broetli" and "chraebeli". they turned out nice and i'm so happy, as i have never done them before. i got a wonderful cookie mold from a dear friend two years ago and yesterday was the day to use it the first time.
the molds turned out great, i love the look of them and the mold was great to work with. a little flour on the mold did the trick.

the anis broetli recipe
2 eggs
250 gr powdered sugar mix and beat until white and very fluffy

1 pinch of salt
1 Tblsp cherry brandy
1 Tblsp anis, whole add to the mix

250 gr flour add and knead the dough together gently

with rolling pin, work dough until 1cm thickness, put flour on the mold and press hard on the dough, cut the mold out.
put the molded "cookie" on a sheet and let dry over night.
bake for 20 minutes with low heat, at 280F

if you choose to do the "chraebeli", form long rolls of 1.5cm diameter, cut 5cm pieces and cut those 2 - 3 times, half way diagonal. bend them lightly and put them on the cookie sheet, follow instructions above.

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